Starting a Study Group

 Here are a few of the benefits of working with study groups:

  • Get answers to your questions
  • If no one understands, you know you are not alone in your confusion and can seek guidance from the Prof/TA as a group
  • Teaching others is good for them and you – when you realize you understand something well, explaining it to others contributes to your own retention
  • If you’re meeting regularly, you are setting yourself up to engage with course material on a consistent basis which is a great way to stay on track
  • Build team working skills – how to work with others is an invaluable skill
  • It can make learning more fun!

Starting a study group?  Here are a few suggestions to help get the group organized:

  • Establish a regular meeting place and time.
  • Be safe by always meeting with your study group in a public place.
  • Come to the meetings prepared: bring all your required textbooks, lecture notes, assignments, etc.
  • Size matters: 3 – 6 students is a good size, if more students are interested, you can break off into smaller groups.
  • Identify a structure to help keep you on track (i.e. spend first half reviewing key concepts, second half answering questions/solving problems)
  • Choose a group facilitator to keep the group on track and on task. You can alternate who serves as the facilitator so everyone has a turn.

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