Hiring a Tutor

As this may be your first experience hiring someone, here are some suggestions to help things go smoothly.  Remember, the information posted by tutors on the Study Hub is not verified, so always check the information on your own.  It's always good to:

  • Start your search for a tutor early!
  • Review your tutor’s resume and/or qualifications to ensure that they have the educational background to support their work with you. It's a good idea to ask for a copy of the tutor’s grade report and/or references.  Check any references.
  • Be safe and always meet with your tutor in a public place. Let someone know who you are meeting and where.  There will never be a need for you to give out personal information (e.g. address) to your tutor.
  • Clearly establish your goals and realistic expectations of a tutor (i.e. know that your tutor is there to assist you in acquiring the academic skills necessary to succeed, not do the work for you) when you begin working together. The principles of academic integrity apply to your work together.
  • Make the most out of your tutoring sessions:
    • Come prepared with questions and assignments to work on;
    • Make sure to bring all your required textbooks, assignments, planner, etc.;
    • Set your meeting at a time of day where you are most efficient.
  • Attend classes on a regular basis. Good notes are an invaluable resource in understanding the course material.
  • Pay the tutor at the end of each session.  Ensure that you (the tutee) have received receipts, if necessary.
  • Whenever money is involved, it's a good idea to put the terms and conditions of the (tutoring) service in writing. It's important that both you and the tutor are involved in creating and signing this document. Also remember to have a method for tracking payments. We’ve attached a sample here - Sample Tutor Estimate