Is paid tutoring for me?

If you feel that you have tried everything and are still struggling to understand the core concepts or complete a particular academic task (essay writing), then individual tutoring may be the next step.

Tutoring is an act which facilitates learning. eg. How to read / write / study / manage time / organize / etc. better, more efficiently, and effectively.

It involves working with an individual who:

  • has particular knowledge in an academic area and/or has knowledge to develop academic skills; and
  • will challenge you to think or do differently.

He or she will ask guiding questions to ensure that you have a good grasp of necessary skills and content. 

Tutoring is not:

  • an assurance that you will receive a good grade; or
  • a service that will complete your work for you.

You should be familiar with York's rules on Academic Integrity and Honesty.