Building Healthy Tutor-Student Relationships

Part of the success of tutoring can be attributed to having a healthy, respectful relationship with one another.  We encourage you to make the arrangements of your work together explicit and transparent.  One way of ensuring that both parties are aware of and understand the arrangements of tutoring is to create a contract for both tutor and student to agree on and sign.

Be sure to include / address the following:

  • Discussing concerns as they arise;
  • Treating each other with respect by:
    • speaking to each other respectfully; and
    • respect each other’s time by showing up to appointments early or on time.
  • Payment arrangements for 'no shows' for both tutor and student. Discuss how long both tutor and student will wait for one another;
  • Expectations for tutoring, i.e. what can be accomplished during an appointment; and
  • Arrangements for terminating the relationship, i.e. “I will give my tutor at least one meeting’s notice, if I want to terminate the relationship”.