Information for Tutors

New to the tutoring business or not, it may feeling overwhelming to you. The following information can help you navigate the process of running your tutoring service:

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring is typically defined as an act which facilitates learning. eg. How to read / write / study / manage time / organize / etc. better, more efficiently, and effectively. See the full explanation on the What is Tutoring? page.

Becoming a Tutor

Tutoring is a small business. Success comes from managing the business details well and offering a valued service. To find some tips for managing your tutoring service, visit the Being a Tutor page.

Strategies for Success

New to the business or struggling to build it? We have some suggestions on the Strategies for Success page.

Building a Healthy Relationship

Part of the success of tutoring can be attributed to having healthy, respectful relationship with one another. Go to the Building Healthy Tutor-Student Relationships page to learn more.

Post Your Ad

If you're ready to advertise your service to York University students, you can create your listing in just a few steps.  This posting will be available until August of each year, at which time you can re-post if you wish to continue.

Post your ad now by clicking on the red "Study Group/Tutor Listings" button at the top right of this page.