Information for Students

If you're new to tutoring, it may feel overwhelming to you. The following is information that can help you navigate the process of building a study group or hire a tutor and manage expectations in the process.


On-Campus Resources

Go to the On-Campus Resources page and College Tutoring Supports page to find a full listing of available supports around campus.

Study Groups

Building Or Finding a Study Group

Visit the Starting a Study Group page to get some tips on things to consider when putting together a study group. When you're ready go to the Study Hub listing to build or find your group.

What is Tutoring?

Many people seek tutoring during their time in University. Tutoring is typically defined as an act which facilitates learning. eg. How to read / write / study / manage time / organize / etc. better, more efficiently, and effectively. See the full explanation on the What is Tutoring? page.

Hiring a Tutor

Hiring a tutor can be a tricky endeavor.  There are lots of things to consider! Please go to the Hiring a Tutor page to find out tips for hiring a Tutor!

Building a Healthy Relationship

Part of the success of tutoring can be attributed to having healthy, respectful relationship with one another. Go to the Building Healthy Tutor-Student Relationships page to learn more.