"Help wanted", the sequel....

The Stress Effect

Stress, mood, anxiety all have a broad range of effects.  These range from struggles with  focus and concentration to trouble just getting down to work.  See your doctor if these difficulties persist or seem to be getting worse, but also take preventative steps by balancing study and relaxation; paying attention to your diet, sleep and exercise.  Health Education and Promotion offer weekly programs, events and resources to help maintain your health and resilience.  Also check out the on-campus workshops and resources available through Personal Counselling Services.

 Do you need more practice?

If you don't have a lot of background or history with a subject, consider whether you have the academic skills or background knowledge (e.g. math, writing, science) required to be successful in your program.  You may want to look for academic upgrading opportunities in the community or investigate those on campus.  For example, the Writing Centre offers instruction in all aspects of writing.

Or do you just need a boost?

Sometimes you just hit a section or a course that's more difficult for you.  Perhaps it's a program requirement, but not your major.   If you're looking for some temporary (course length) support:

  • Bring your specific questions to your professor or TA
  • Consider talking with classmates or working with a study group (in person or on-line, this is a time-tested, proven, grade A, number one, premium study strategy)
  • Look into free on-campus supports related to the course.

Play to your strengths

If you're struggling, one of the most important and difficult questions is:  "are you in a program that fits with your strengths"?  If you find your program is not making the best use of your abilities, the Career Centre can help you explore your career options.  If you need guidance on making a change and/or understanding new program requirements Academic Advising is a key source of program advising and academic planning.

... However, if you continue to struggle or feel paid one-to-one tutoring is the best option for you, start here.