Welcome!  If you're finding school can be a struggle, you're not alone. If you're looking for help, this is the place. The Study Hub is here to connect you with information on:

  • why students struggle academically
  • where they get help

There are resources to help build your skills and your understanding. Check out free campus resources under "Free Help".  If do-it-yourself study groups or fee-for-service tutoring are your interest, read on.  We can help you connect, but also provide tips to get the most out of group or individual study sessions.


Connect with Study Groups & Tutors

The Study Hub listings area is a separate site where students can:

  • start or find a study group
  • connect with fee-for-service tutors or
  •  tutors can advertise their services.

Although the university does not vet or verify information posted on the site, it can be an excellent resource for connecting with other people interested in study groups and tutoring.